The Lands

The story takes place somewhere in the Hundred Kingdoms, in the smaller kingdoms and fiefdoms surrounding a larger central state.

Big Kingdom is a larger, more well-organized state with a well loved albeit brutal queen. The other nations in the periphery of Big Kingdom rely on it a lot for trade, and it is the only kingdom with a sizable Guild presence and connection to the outside world.

The Duchy of Flowers is a smaller state, located to the south of Big Kingdom in rich, fertile and arable lands. Its main export is luxuries in the forms of fruit, wine, herbs and flowers. While a relatively pleasant land, its ruler is quite despotic and taxes are high.

Besides the Castle of Flowers and those who live around it, the larger settlements include Plum Blossom Village, Cherry Blossom Village, Orchid Village and the Slopes, where wine grows.

The Duchy of Stone is east of the Duchy of Flowers. A poorer land, its people are sometimes close to starvation. The Duchy of Stone and the Duchy of Flowers contest a bit of land between them, a stretch of forest that the Duke of Stone wants to claim for hunting and farming. Big Kingdom prevents any open conflict.

Besides the Castle of Stone and those who live around it, the larger settlements include Roadside, where travelers from Big Kingdom go, Standing Stone Village, at the crossroads, and Stillwater, by the lake of the same name.

The Black Marsh is a dark, dangerous and difficult swamp, along the south side of both Duchies. It connects to the stretch of rich forest with some old woodsman’s paths, and is a great place for criminals to retreat and hide.

The Black Hills lie to the east of the Duchy of Stone. They are barren, rocky, and home to a few quarries and mines.

The Lands

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