I would like for there to be a healthy focus on Unlockables in this game, as the characters can’t advance much and would have good use of every temporary advantage they can get. As such, the Unlockables are both cheaper and more powerful in this game than in the Legion game. Hopefully, this should make them more attractive.

General Unlockables

Nudging Fate
Spend 1xp before rolling a die pool of 3 dice or more. Instead of rolling, you automatically score exactly 1 success.

Horrible Bad Luck
When failing a roll, you may choose to turn it into a botch and earn 1xp. You may only use this option once per session. Optionally, you may turn a regular botch into a horrible botch and earn 1xp – if you choose this option, treat all the dice as having rolled ones. The GM may veto use of this Unlockable if there are no interesting consequences of botching.

Band of Brothers
For the rest of this session, all actions in which you directly and immediately help another outlaw are rolled at +1 die. This Unlockable costs 1 xp.

Heart And Soul – Spend 1 xp to temporarily increase one Attribute or Virtue by +1 (but not above 4) for the rest of this scene. In addition, recover one point of Willpower when the scene ends.

Catharsis – Spend 1 xp to gain a Willpower recovery roll, as if you had slept a full night. This Unlockable may be used at any time, but never reflexively (i.e. you can’t recover willpower in response to an attack).

Great Teacher – Spend 2xp to teach an NPC a dot of one of your Abilities, so long as this doesn’t raise the Ability above (your own dots minus one). You may also use this Unlockable on a PC, in which case they receive a 3xp discount on the relevant Ability.


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